Cello Ambitions

I just woke up from a dream, which I wrote about in my dream blog, in which I was playing a cello that someone had given me.  Upon waking, I immediately remembered a woman I met last autumn in Vancouver at my Aunt Janet’s house.  Her name is Sharon, and she and I instantly clicked.  She’s Icelandic, so we bonded over our shared zeal for the little island country just south of the arctic circle that has a sublime music scene and the most beautiful language in the world.  But also, and more to the point, she is a cellist, and I’ve always wanted to play the cello but never had the opportunity.  I told her that it was still a dream of mine, but that at 31 it was probably too late to start.  She looked horrified by this statement and said, “Oh no!  I started playing cello when I was 45, and now I perform in the symphony orchestra.”  That was incredibly inspiring to me: it’s never too late to start.  So this dream came along last night to remind me that, although this desire might have been forgotten or ignored for a while, it is nonetheless latent, persistent, and best of all, attainable.  I may not be able to afford a cello or the lessons right now, but I’m putting it out in the universe: that’s what I want.  I’ll eventually get it, one way or another.


Obligatory NYE post.

Despite the absolute chaos of the world at large, 2010 has been for me a remarkable year.  So much has changed for me.  Or, I should say, *I* have changed so much.  Events that have occurred throughout my life, my own personal emotional arc, all of my relationships with people and the universe in general, all culminated into this moment at the beginning of 2010 where I just knew I was ready for a paradigm shift.  And it happened.  From an outsider’s perspective, the changes have perhaps been only small and subtle, if noticeable at all.  But my inner landscape has completely, profoundly, and permanently changed.  I’m never going back.

So, with absolute gratitude I bid 2010 a fond farewell, and eagerly embrace 2011.  Like the beginning of last year, this year I have an overwhelming gut feeling that big changes are in store for me.  So here’s to continuing evolution, forward movement, deepening relationships, expanding skill sets, and achieving goals.

Setting my intentions for 2011:

* Continue to lose weight / become healthier (I’m halfway to my goal!).

* Improve my riding, hooping, and yoga abilities.

* Finish the book, and start on others.

* Make desired changes to business and website, including going paperless!

* Travel to Russia and/or Iceland.

* Study a new language.

* Brush up on old languages.

* Step into my deepest fear/avoidance and try something new, something that could potentially become the most important and fulfilling part of my life.  Take the plunge.