Sharing the hilarity. (It’s funny ‘cos it’s true!)

So my friend Caitlin, whom I mention all the time, posted this on her blog recently and it was so friggin’ funny that I had to repost it:

“The other day, I was talking to a dear friend whom I legitimately like and deeply respect. The conversation sailed along, fueled by bullshit, until he told me something really nice about myself.

Skreeeeeeeeee, went the conversation to a horrible halt.

Like the meta, Liberal-arts fuckheads we are, we clawed our way out of the awkwardness by discussing how frigging hard it is to hear you’re awesome. And how I would probably more easily take a punch than take a compliment.

“Let’s see a crazed fan kill you with nice words, you asshole.” –Harry Houdini

Thus, Compliment Club was born.

The first rule of Compliment Club is, do not talk about Compliment Club.

The second rule of Compliment Club is, make sure you’re cuddling a pillow like a baby.

There is so far no third rule for Compliment Club.

Anyone can join and anyone can start their own local branches. And when I show up to work tomorrow with a black eye and a bloody lip? Don’t say a word, unless you want to hear that I like your shoes.”

I hope she appreciates that the act of posting this is, in itself, my first punch/method of entry into Compliment Club.  How d’ya like this shiner, ‘natch?