I’m Naive, Not Stupid. There’s a Difference.

Texas women should know about this.

The Oeditrix

This morning I woke up after a surreal night with a lot on my mind. One phrase in particular was ringing in my ears: “Don’t be naive, Amy.”

Back when I quit writing for CultureMap Austin over a nasty, misogynist editorial masquerading as a news story by the Dallas staff, the business manager (then–he’s since been fired) called me up on the phone to “discuss” my decision.

What he really wanted was to cajole or shame me into reversing my position–if not publicly, at least in a private phone call. He talked in circles, but having survived grad school, I am not easily confused even by smart people talking in circles, much less idiots. While some of the details of the call have become fuzzy in my mind, one stands out. After he had failed to make his arguments look logical for half an hour, he went ahead and said what bullies…

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So this is the beginning…

Uh…hi.  Hello.  Is this thing on?  I guess I should start with a formality.  Like explaining what I’m doing here, for instance.

Having cut my teeth on myspace, livejournal, and facebook, I am now ready to delve even further into the depths of narcissism by having my very own blog as well.  Topics will include: anything, everything, and whatever’s left over.  But mostly, probably, stuff about birds.  Particularly mine.  A close second in the list of common topics will most likely be a healthy dose of self-deprecation via vignettes from real life.  But who knows?  This could end up just being a sad cyber-closet where I store the useless shit I find online and can’t convince myself to get rid of but can’t put to good use anywhere else.  Only time will tell.