So this is the beginning…

Uh…hi.  Hello.  Is this thing on?  I guess I should start with a formality.  Like explaining what I’m doing here, for instance.

Having cut my teeth on myspace, livejournal, and facebook, I am now ready to delve even further into the depths of narcissism by having my very own blog as well.  Topics will include: anything, everything, and whatever’s left over.  But mostly, probably, stuff about birds.  Particularly mine.  A close second in the list of common topics will most likely be a healthy dose of self-deprecation via vignettes from real life.  But who knows?  This could end up just being a sad cyber-closet where I store the useless shit I find online and can’t convince myself to get rid of but can’t put to good use anywhere else.  Only time will tell.


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